CSR intatives

We at Princeton have created a CSR Charter.
In doing business we place importance on the following five principles.


  1. Promotion of compliance
    We uphold a high moral standard as a company and abide by laws and regulations.
  2. Information
    We disclose information in an appropriate and timely manner, while ensuring proper management of the information.
  3. Safety and quality
    We produce and offer safe and high-quality products and services in a safe manner.
  4. Human rights and labor
    We respect human rights of people outside the company who are influenced by our corporate activities, as well as our employees.
  5. Environment
    We conduct business activities with consideration to environment.

Princeton takes the following concrete actions for each of the five principles.
CEO and the management are fully aware of the role they should play in promoting CSR and exercise leadership to initiate and carry out effective actions.
With all of our employees active in promoting CSR in their own field of work, we strive to continue to be a company we all can be proud of as a good corporate citizen.

Promotion of compliance

  1. We abide by laws and regulations related to consumer protection and followrelevant guidelines.
  2. We conduct business and engage in competition in a fair manner.
  3. Our purchasing activities are conducted with morality and in a fair manner.
  4. We respect intellectual property.
  5. We abide by the Labor Standards Act and other labor-related laws and regulations, official notices and guidelines.
  6. We do not make payoff to antisocial forces nor use them to our benefit.
  7. We do not offer bribe or entertainment to civil servants. We do not make illegal political contribution.
  8. We observe laws and regulations in submitting appropriate notifications to authorities.
  9. We abide by other laws and regulations.


  1. We properly manage personal information and confidential information.
  2. We take measures to protect against computer viruses and cyber attacks.
  3. We expand communication channels to our stakeholders.
  4. We properly disclose information according to the laws and regulations.

Safety and Quality

  1. We develop systems to control and assure the safety and quality of our products.
  2. We communicate to consumers and business partners information related to safety and quality of our products in an appropriate and timely manner.
  3. We ensure safety and health in the workplace.
  4. We abide by all laws and regulations related to safety and quality of our products.

Human rights and labor

  1. We promote improved accessibility of our products and services.
  2. We take care not to use discriminating expressions or act in a discriminating manner in corporate activities.
  3. We do not take discriminating actions in managing and treating employees based on nationality, gender, faith or social class.
  4. We do not engage in inhumane treatment including child labor, forced labor,physical punishment, abuse and sexual harassment, among others.
  5. We abide by laws and regulations related to human rights and labor.


  1. We take the following actions with the aim of reducing environment burden.
    1. We promote power saving and refuse separation.
    2. We promote eco-friendly procurement.
    3. We promote product development without use of Restricted Hazardous Substances.
    4. We promote recycling.
  2. We abide by laws and regulations related to environment.

September 2012

Princeton Ltd. Toshiya Nakaide, President and C.E.O.