For Businesses

For long-distance business communications and management solutions for different business areas

For Businesses

As a distributor of Poly(formerly Polycom and Plantronics) and a reseller of Cisco Systems, the two world leading companies for distance communication and collaboration,
Princeton is making a various contribution to enable seamless communication in business, educational and medical fields.
We are also recognized as the top-sales reseller of ATEN that earns reputation globally for their KVM
switches or video and server management solutions, which describes that Princeton, as a multivendor,
serves various solutions to satisfy high leveled needs from professionals and enterprises.

For Consumers

Digital products that enrich your lifestyle from business to private scenes

For Consumers

Digital products from Princeton have been popular not only in offices, but also at home.
In addition to the peripheral devices having offered by us since the company's early days to make personal computers more useful, we now offer a wide variety of digital gadgets and accessories for tablets and smartphones.
We also serve the easy-to-use-and-manage Drobo's storage products.
Each and every product serves the convenience to each and every person.
Princeton brings you the joy of connecting.


Communication and Collaboration
Video/voice conference systems and Collaboration Software

Connectivity & Management solutions
KVM switches, video/server management solutions

For Educational market
Document cameras,
Wireless Presentation
software for electronic blackboards,
Pen Tablets, etc.

Video-related Devices
LCD displays, LCD display accessories, etc.

Drive-and Storage-related Devices
hard disks, SSD, etc.

Memory-related Devices
Memory modules, USB flash memory, SD cards
flash memory modules for industrial use, etc.

Security-related Devices
USB connection security keys, LAN cables, Port lock, etc.

Smartphones and
Tablets relation

cases, touch pens, etc.

Home audio and
Video relation

Speakers, Headphone,
Capture unit,
Hi-Res related products, etc.

Gaming related
Gaming devices, Accessories, etc.

Accessories and etc
PC accessories, OA tap, etc.